The finger grip is available as an injection aid of glass, pre-filled syringes. An infusion cap is a protection cap to maintain the hygiene of the puncture with a needle to the rubber stopper(stopper body) of the infusion bag.

Forte Glow Medical Co.,Ltd (our partner company) can manufacture Class IV products (specially controlled medical devices).
Tray for packaging glass and plastic products.
Prevent scratches on products during transportation.
We developed plural original containers and contributed to the marketing of the drug so far. Please contact(consult) us about the development of the original container.


A bag of polyethylene manufactured in a clean room.
It corresponds to the three pharmacopoeia standard (JP, USP, EP) and registered FDA, DMF (Drug Master File).

We suggest an aluminum laminate, instillation, nasal drop zipper bag container for carrying. EOG, sterilization;the drug protection by the decoration including the sterilization bag corresponding to automatic crepe sterilization.

We have been sending desiccanting agents, deoxidants and various tapes (manipulation prevention tape. cartonlabels) of decoration to use for the drug which is vulnerable to oxygen and moisture to customers for many years.

We perform inspection of the medical equipment, assembling, packing and support silicone processing, washing and sterilization by demand.

Industrial Instruments

We deal with the first unit of special Pre-filled Syringe Filling & Rubber Closure Sealing Machine. We can introduce a device making machine.
It is a devices to wrap the vial pot which capped a rudder cap in aluminum cap, and be closed securely. In the device corresponding to many kinds, it was developed for the purpose of repetition precision similarly the production machine and high operability in small quantities.

It is capacitive desktop type filling machine developed for production of many kinds in small amount. It was develop for the purpose of solving instability and the uncertainty of the conventional piston-type fillers.

The company has an autograph on a constant temperature tank, a projector, and various examinations which is possible on the spot.
E.G.) Slide examination pulling, compression, acceleration examination, dimensional measurement of the syringe .
※The costs are a separate expense.