Design of the medical equipment, development OEM &
Development partner

We meet various needs of medical equipment development, leading to the results of the sale in a wide field for us. Please allow me to do support of market relief of a safe product including the joint development with the Client of a self-developed article.

Design process

Designing 2D and 3D drawings, and plan for QMS and ISO compliant processes.

Suggestion of various moldings

From general molding insert molding, two colors of molding.

There are various materials such as singlelumen, a heteromorphic tube, entering the line vary, too.

Direct・injection blow

Development cooperation example (Assembling Assy)

  • □ Various assembling and connection by manual labor (Glueing)
  • □ Minute processing such as catheters
  • □ Metal processing
  • □ Processing automatic machines and semi-automatic machines.
  • □ Processing high frequency welder and ultrasonic welder.
  • □ Processing using UV curable.
If necessary, we suggest process validation.

Sterilization contract

□ Ethylene oxide gas sterilization
□ Gamma-sterilization
□ Electron beam sterilization

Proposal of sterilization method according to each product requirement.
Proposal of ISO14971 compliant protocol.

Packaging design

We suggest process validation such as various sterilization methods and package design, heat seal validation according to purpose.

Product example (Medical equipment)

  • □ Products using injection needles.
  • □ Various disposable products using PVC tubes
  • □ Catheter tip processing
  • □ the product that a vesin product glued(adhered)(stick) UV
  • □ Bag products adhesived by high frequency welder.
  • □ Ultrasonic welded products.
  • □ Scale printing to a catheter
  • □ Combination medical equipment with pharmaceutical products

Mist adapter

It can jet like a fog content fluid by being attached to the syringe tip.


The rubber stopper of the vial pot can puncture easily and it dissolves and mixes a drug (lyophilization, powder) and can be drawn up in a syringe safely.
Set a syringe to a Combi-Fit.
Attach a Combi-Fit to a vial pot.
The drug solution in the vial is transfers to a syringe and administers to the patient.

OEM development product

We design a part of medical equipment given in trust from the user.
We develop and finish the product. We contribute to the reduction of the development cost of the user by selection of the most suitable manufacturer.